GoldBook Financial

Salim Admon comes to GoldBook Financial as a Managing Director approaching two decades of business experience working with highly compensated executives, as well as entrepreneurs, in an advisory capacity.  While most of his clients possess the education and resources to lead their own team of advisors, they prefer to outsource much of the diligence to his staff, so that more free time is available to share with loved ones.

A client’s need may be quite basic, but extremely urgent and time sensitive.  For example, working to help clients gain an understanding of their company group benefit package and outdated or nonexistent estate plans to help reduce the risk of asset, liability and income protection gaps.  Or the situation may require a more complex analysis involving tax minimization strategies, retirement, and/or generational wealth transfer techniques that are most germane given family and market dynamics.

Regardless of intricacy required to solve the problem, Salim has been motivated to uncover the most relevant solution in this ever-evolving environment of regulation, fee, tax and economic considerations.

Separate from work-life, Salim enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports, and powder blue ski days.  He also maintains a regular spiritual practice of prayer and meditation, and lives in continuous service to his community and fellows.

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